The Social Network for Shooters

app-landing-page-iphone-2Shooting is a social activity. Most shooters first learned to shoot from someone close to them. Most shooters enjoy their hobby with others. Nothing beats a trip to the range with people you want to be with.

But until now, there’s been no way to connect with friends around your shared hobby. You could post on Twitter. But not everyone wants to tell the world about their guns. You could post on Facebook. But who has time for that drama?

Enter MagSquad. MagSquad is the mobile app that allows you to shoot with your friends when you can’t shoot with your friends.

Invite your friends to join your squad. MagSquad will help you to keep a record of your range sessions so you can track your improvement over time. MagSquad will allow you to publish your range sessions to your squad. Ask for help or talk some smack.

MagSquad: The Range is Hot

Coming late 2016.

You’re going to want early access to the app, so sign up to get an invite when it’s ready! I’d also like to ask you your opinion as the app gets developed. So sign up! Don’t miss out!


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